Bwatu Jagali

MISSING - PRESUMED DEAD: Bwatu Jagali is a Mullun Knight played by Brian


Instinct: Bwatu always confronts injustice.
Instinct: Bwatu always bows to higher authorities.
Intimidate is Cha based for Bwatu.
Languages: Regimi, Mullundi, Thieves Cant, Darfellan



Bwatu is native to Lune, his family works and serves in the temples to Millas and Beligos. He had a religious upbringing and holds a strong faith in both gods still today. Bwatu became the shield bearer for a local knight of the Reborn called Daru. Daru suffered an untimely death apprehending a famed murderer in the Canal Districts. Bwatu’s valor during the incident earned his knighthood with the order.

His knight-captain recognized that Bwatu chaffed under the regularity of drills and patrols. Bwatu and his new squire, Nalugu, were sent to Crer to serve a young aristocrat, Mattock Rivvet. The young lord was largely oblivious to those around him. He cared more for books than people, so Bwatu was largely stayed in the background.

When his young charge went missing, Bwatu was exiled and has returned to Lune in the hopes of finding clues as to what truly happened to Rivvet. He believes that Mattock must have been kidnapped by a family member. No one else would have had access to the boy’s room in that fortified house on the cliff.

He dismissed a tearful Nalugu, feeling that he had dishonored her. He hasn’t heard from her since.


Bwatu’s mother and two sisters live and work in Lune. They are pious folk who care little for material possessions – a trait shared by Bwatu. While he understands the value of pearls and enjoys living comfortably, he is quick to give away excess wealth.

Bwatu is particularly fond of his younger sister Yaza. She has a mischievous streak about her which has landed her in trouble on more than one occasion. Bwatu has accepted responsibility for her thievery and vandalism, on one occasion taking 10 lashings. She has shown genuine guilt about getting her big brother in trouble and has promised to become more upright person.

Bwatu Jagali

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