Kipling Augustine

Kipling is a Gnome Ranger (with a little Cleric thrown in) played by Ryan


Instinct: Kipling has a voracious appetite and is constantly snacking. More often than would be considered random chance, Kipling will take a bite out of something crunchy in the middle of important, serious conversations.

Intimidate is Strength based for Kipling

Languages: Regimi, Gnome, Elvish, Scalics


Upbringing, Family, and Path to Ranging:

Kipling grew up, literally, in the shadow of his older sister Ella. A head taller than other Gnomes, Ella seemed destined to make a name for herself as some form of adventurer. Headstrong, and with a temper to rival a Stonescale, Ella robbed the Augustine family of its best chance for glory when she ran off with a Dwarven shipwright, Jethro of the Tull clan, to live in Lune. After five years of deliberation Kipling decided that he would be the one to make a name for the Augustine family, having spend countless hours in the wilderness of the southern archipelago Kipling decided to make a name for himself as a guide, leading scholars of the Chosen of Lebilis to potential sites of influence.


A day on Death’s door:

After a decade as a guide Kipling was growing bored as a tracker in the southern archipelago. After scarcely a week of consideration Kipling booked passage to Akkatish to scout out rumors of important sites to the Chosen. Searching out a conclave rumored to have been built along the side of a chasm in an immense choral shelf Kipling and his companion Mac (MacDouglas) were ambushed. Catching some foul incantation on the wind Kipling turned just as a Fiendish bear, wreathed in flame, sprang into existence behind Mac on the chasm edge. In an instant the bear grabbed hold of Mac, and with a jerk of its neck flung him down to the exposed coral bed 40 feet below. Kipling barely managed to avoid a swipe of the beasts claws but as he swung a ill aimed counter attack the coral edge fell away beneath his feet. Waking up some time later, shards of coral jutting from his thighs, Kipling turned to see Mac, alive but incapacitated on the reef beside him before; hesitantly glancing upward Kipling saw some “Warlock” crouching on the ledge above. Recognizing him as a Genasi, but one with tattooed red skin, Kipling could only wait for his imminent murder. Kipling could not say how much time the Genasi stared at him, but he attention was broken by the trickle of water stinging his wounds as the incoming tide began to fill the chasm. Looking back upward the Genasi was gone, but the symbol emblazoned on his lapel (A eyeball, held in the palm of a six fingered hand) was seared in Kipling’s mind.


Shifting Perspectives:

Kipling next awoke on the deck of a small sailing vessel, standing over him were the kind faces of Polyp, an elderly female Gnome, and Ethrik, a Mullen male (clerics of Pekros and Hallow respectively, apparently in the midst of a personal competition to see who could bring the most good to the world). Having healed Kipling’s and Mac’s most serious wounds they offered to take Kipling somewhere where his year long recovery could begin. Kipling requested to be taken to Lune to stay with his sister.

Over the past year Kipling has slowly regained the full use of his legs, staying the first 6 months in temples of Pekros and Hallow to speed his recovery, all the while attending classes at the Draconis Arcanitorium. Having been caught unaware in Akkatish Kipling has come to believe that knowledge is power and has devoted himself of gaining at least small snippets of knowledge about all the threats he may come across in the surrounding world. During the months of study Kipling enrolled Mac in a program to train Mac as a beast of war, to better prepare him for combat in the wilderness.

While attending classes Kipling took notice of a fellow Gnome with a thirst for knowledge, Hendrick. Fearful of what wanton power is capable of in the hands of one skilled in the Arcane arts Kipling decided to befriend Hendrick so that should Hendrick begin to delve into the dark depths of magic Kipling could serve as a voice of caution, and if need be to put an arrow in his back before he can do innocents harm. This watchful approach to Hendrick has softened over the last few months, developing into a genuine kinship and friendship.

Kipling Augustine

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