Luke Aris

Luke Aris is a Regi Bard played by Zach


Luke is from the Northern Freeports, where his parents both reside. He has moved to Lune in hopes of joining the Troupe Fausto.


Instinct: Luke performs every time he enters a bar.
Intimidate is Cha based for Luke
Languages: Regimi, Mullundi, Dwarven

Luke Aris was raised his parents Fred and Rebeca Aris in the fishing village of Tardus on Willdon inland which is closest to the Sabrae city state. Fred was a local fisherman that would occasionally go on longer fishing trips to catch larger fish. When Luke was a small child after returning from these fishing trip his father would tell him out outlandish stories of fighting sea creatures or being captured by pirates. Rebeca is a herbalist that would help out at the very small temple on the inland that was shared by Thryssa, Beligos, and Hallow. While the temple was a great place for worshiping it lacked magical healing that normal larger temples could provide which is where Rebeca came in with her plants and natural healing. Starting at 10 he help his mother at the temple. There he meet all kinds of travelers and heard all kinds of stories about the larger world and many wonders that it held. Luke’s education was pretty simple attending the small school on the inland. He did meet with Billy a local musician that taught Luke how to sing and play the lute.

When he was 13 he meet Mullin Bard Marwak who had a broken leg that was being treated at the temple by his mother. Marwak told him many tails of Lune inland. The one that stuck with Luke was about the stage at Teatro Malibri. The grand wooden stage that has perfect acoustics that is said to make any great singer sound ten times better. It was crated by Gnomes out of large red wood trees imported from Vihnis. Marwak had seen a violinist perform on the stage that brought the entire crowd to tears. After this Luke started to want to see the world and head out with his father on his longer fishing trips and on the very rare occasion that he headed to Sabrae to buy or sell a boat.

When Luke turned 18 he left home to travel the world. He started with traveling the freeports. He visited all 3 of the city states staying in each for at least a month learning about their cultures and having as much fun as he could. He also took in many different performances by many different kinds of performances. Nothing lived up to the stories he heard of Teatro Malibri. And so he decided that he would head to Lune inland become a great perform and put on his own performance.

Luke Aris

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