Tag: PC


  • Luke Aris

    Instinct: Luke performs every time he enters a bar. Intimidate is Cha based for Luke Languages: Regimi, Mullundi, Dwarven Luke Aris was raised his parents Fred and Rebeca Aris in the fishing village of Tardus on Willdon inland which is closest to the …

  • Bwatu Jagali

    h3. Upbringing Bwatu is native to Lune, his family works and serves in the temples to Millas and Beligos. He had a religious upbringing and holds a strong faith in both gods still today. Bwatu became the shield bearer for a local knight of the [[Reborn …

  • Valmar (Ramlav)

    Instinct: Valmar becomes visibly upset/angry in the presence of unattended children. Intimidate is Str based for Valmar Languages: Regimi, Halfling, Sylvan, Druidic

  • Hendrick von Everick

    Instinct: Hendrick always eavesdrop on conversations involving magic. Intimidate is Cha based for Hendrick. Languages: Regimi, Gnome

  • Kipling Augustine

    Upbringing, Family, and Path to Ranging: Kipling grew up, literally, in the shadow of his older sister Ella. A head taller than other Gnomes, Ella seemed destined to make a name for herself as some form of adventurer. Headstrong, and with a temper to …