Guild Houses

Ain’ko Bazaar

The Ain’ko Bazaar is the guild responsible for maintaining trade with the Elves of Akkatish.

House Duccotto

House Duccotto represents a mix of Lune’s newest wealthy merchants and oldest landed families.

House Guinopo

House Guinopo is comprised entirely of Guinopo’s extended family, boasting the city’s largest private guard force.

House Lorrenzett

House Lorrenzett is a Dwarven dominated guild which owns Cluster and a significant portion of the Wild Hills.

East Akkatish Shipping Company

The East Akkatish Shipping Company is one of the largest cargo shipping guild-houses in the Shifting Straits.

Protean Shipyards

This guild controls the ports of Lune. Monopoly over the ports has brought a great deal of wealth to this guild.

Guild Houses

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