Hill Halflings

History & Backstory

Halflings are clan-based nomads native to the Wild Hills. These clans are known primarily for their worship of the moons and its many phases. A clan will adopt a specific moon and phase, tattooing its symbol on their forearms. This tattoo is made using dyes from the rusty reeds that grow in the region, and the color of the tattoo symbolizes which moon the clan follows.

It should be noted that criminals of the clan are tattooed with the clan’s symbol on their chins before being left to fend for themselves in the wild when the clan moves on.

The nomadic tendencies of these clans result in most halflings having little need for society’s trappings. Although each clan is nomadic, there is enough territory in the Northern section of the Wild Hills that disputes are rare.

Clans keep to themselves, but they do not shun outsiders they meet on their travels. Multiple clans have been known to cooperate when they share a mutual threat, such as marauding lizardmen.

Naturally, halflings in Lune are uncommon. Those who do make their way to one of the city-states are often branded with the sign of a criminal, having been abandoned in the wilds. Rarely, a young halfling following one of the quarter moons will arrive in Lune as a type of pilgrimage into adulthood. These halflings are known to stay in Lune for up to several months before disappearing back to their clans.

Halfling relationships with other races are clouded by the mysticism with which other races view halflings. Their natural telepathy is viewed with great curiosity and, often, fear. Most halflings who travel to the city-states hide this ability and actively deny its existence. The few who acknowledge it (all of which bare the mark of a clan on their chin), claim to have been shamans of their former clans, granted this power by the spirits who roam the Wild Hills.



Lune (Wild Hill) halflings are much like Halflings from 3.5 and have all of the following racial traits:

  • +2 Wisdom – Halflings are in tune with nature and their surroundings. They tend towards shamanistic beliefs and the nomadic lifestyle, always seemingly aware of their surroundings.
  • Small sized – Halflings, also known as Smallfolk, are small humanoids, generally the size of a human child of 10 years of age, or younger. As a small creature, halflings gain a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks, but use smaller weapons than medium sized creatures, and lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
  • Humanoid (halfling) – Halflings are humanoid creatures with the Halfling subtype.
  • A halfling’s base land speed is 20’. Halfings are smaller and slower than their larger, human cousins.
  • Survivalist – Halflings have a +2 racial bonus on Athletics and Perception. Additionally, halflings have advantage on Survival checks made to find food or shelter outside of a settlement.
  • Clan Strength (Su) – A halfling can communicate telepathically with any creature within 20’ that has a language that the halfling knows. A halfling can only communicate with one non-halfling creature at a time in this manner. When multiple halflings gather together, their telepathic strength is multiplied. For each additional halfling within 20’, a halfling’s telepathy increases an additional 20’, to a maximum of 200’ with 10 halflings grouped together. Additionally, halflings can communicate with other halflings in this manner with no limit to the number of halflings (as if they all shared a hive mind, of sorts). However, the group can still only communicate with one non-halfling creature at a time.
  • Halfling Luck (Ex)- Nature tends to favor Halflings. A number of times per day equal to 1+ Wisdom Modifier (Minimum 1), when a Halfling rolls a natural 1 on a skill check, ability check, or saving throw, the Halfling may roll again, but must accept the second roll. Halfling Luck can only be used once per check/save.
  • Stone Skippers (Ex) – Young halflings spend their days skipping stones along the rivers and small ponds in the hillside. This past time grooms them for the small game hunting they do as part of their survival. As a result, halflings have a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings.
  • Halflings automatically speak Regimi (common) and Halfling

Hill Halflings

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