Ain’ko Treaty

The Ain’ko Treaty is an exclusive trade right between the Ain’ko Bazaar and the Cabal. Before its existence, trade between elves and the people of the Shifting Straits was almost non-existent. It is unclear how the treaty was forged, but both races appear to have prospered in its wake.

The pact remains exclusive to the Ain’ko Bazaar even though decades have passed since the first Elven caravans arrived in Gantan.


This floodplain boasts the oldest known beginnings of the Regi people. The valley is referenced in folklore which describes the northern migration.

Lost Colony

Several decades ago, a lumber colony was established on the coast of the Green Morass. This colony was meant to rival Gantan in lumber production. Within a month of the groundbreaking, the colony went silent, and its population vanished, seemingly overnight. House Inizell spared no expense to send expeditions to contact the colony and its inhabitants. All such expeditions returned empty handed – the settlements were empty, without sign of struggle or person, as if no one had lived there in some time.

The leaders of House Inizell spent a vast fortune attempting to uncover what happened to this Lost Colony. All efforts to find the missing colonists have turned up empty. Those rescue explorers that survived the expedition returned to Lune scarred, physically and mentally. Rumors of dark beasts, invisible monsters, and The Eaters only add to the mystery of what truly happened to this colony.

House Inizell has never fully recovered from the financial devastation of the failed colony or its leadership’s overzealous attempts to uncover the truth. Its membership has dwindled away over the last 30 years. The few remaining loyalists are beleaguered old men with an unquenchable desire to find out what happened to the Lost Colony.

Eternal War (Comius perspective)

Eighty years ago, the leaders of the disparate city states of the Southern Archipelago met in the now ruined fortress, Comius, to discuss mutual defense. They had watched as neighboring cities were sacked and burned, one after another, in the wake of the Archos Armada. They decided to form a temporary union and common defense league to stop the onslaught.

That temporary pact was so successful that it has not been dissolved in the eight decades since. It has become so ingrained in cultural and political understanding that breaking from its principles is unthinkable for any proud resident of the Dominion.

People of the Comius Dominion hold deep hatred for the Archosian people and seek their complete destruction. War with Archos has long since fizzled to small skirmishes and the periodic raid, or assassination. Only the very old and Dwarves were actually alive during the time of the Archos Armada, but the mutual hatred festers deep inside their collective psyche.


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