Lune and the surrounding islands in the area are predominately human. Although there are several other humanoid races populating the islands, humans tend to breed more regularly, whether due to their shorter life spans or adaptability. In this region of the world, two distinct subspecies of humans thrive, the Mullun and the Regi. Both are detailed below, including their own specific racial mechanics.


Both the Mullun and Regi share the following racial traits:

  • Medium sized – Humans tend to range between 5’0" and 6’4" at their tallest. Mullun tend to stand a few inches taller than Regi.
  • Humanoid (Human) – Humans are humanoid creatures with the Human subtype
  • A human’s base land speed is 30’.
  • Bonus skills – Humans receive 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level.


The Mullun are the islands’ newest residents having arrived only several hundred years ago. They are a dark-skinned peoples; nomads from the east who chose to finally settle in the northern archipelago and Lune after a millennial-long journey. Their histories are mostly oral, so documented proof of their origins is difficult to place. It’s clear that they were escaping a great cataclysm that left their ancient culture in ruin.

Their long voyage across the deserts of sand and stone have made them a hardy people who were welcomed for their craft skills by the islands’ native residents. Their culture is structured and regimented as the tides and the moon. They are pragmatic and avoid excess when possible.


Mechanics for Mullun

  • Desert walkers – Mulluns drink water, but they have learned to adapt and survive in the harsh desert climate. To survive, they need to drink only one-quarter the amount of water per day that humanoids of their size normally require.
  • Heat endurance – Mulluns gain Heat Endurance (Sandstorm, p.50) as a bonus feat.
  • Hard worker – Mulluns have a +2 racial bonus to a craft skill of the Mullun’s choice and have advantage on Profession checks related to the craft chosen.
  • Jackguar riders – Mulluns have domesticated the jackguar and share a close bond with this proud desert animal. Mulluns have a +2 racial bonus to Ride checks and have advantage on Handle Animal checks to interact with jackguars.
  • Desert vision – Mulluns have adapted to traversing the bright desert, and their eyes have adapted over the years. Mulluns are never dazzled by bright sun (See Sandstorm p.18 for rules on sun glare). Additionally, Mulluns have advantage on saves v blindness.
  • Mulluns automatically speak Regimi (common) and Mullundi


Native peoples of the Shifting Strait, the Regi are an olive-skinned people with a diverse range of eye and hair color. Their history is better documented than the Mullun, but their original colonization of the archipelagos is unclear. The dwarves claim they are the human’s ancient ancestor but the fey disagree, instead claiming that humans spawned from the moon above and are meant to test the balance of the world.

Whatever their origins, the Regi have claimed a strong foothold in the Shifting Strait and dominate it culturally, militarily, and financially. Their cultures and governments vary by city-state. Generally, the Regi see flexibility and adaptability as positive traits, unlike the Mullun who they often think of as harsh and stubborn.


Mechanics for Regi

  • Bonus feat – Regi receive a bonus feat at first level. This feat can be any feat for which the Regi qualifies for at first level.
  • Men of the Sea – Regi have a +2 racial bonus to Profession (sailor)
  • Natural Boatsman – Regi advantage on Acrobatics and Athletics check to maneuver around a ship in the water, and in the water. Additionally, Athletics, and Profession (Sailor) are always class skills for Regi
  • Born leaders – Regi have a +2 racial bonus to either Diplomacy or Intimidate. This choice is made at first level and cannot be changed thereafter (even through retraining). Regi are natural leaders, both of other Regi and various races in the region. The method of leadership, however, varies from Regi to Regi.
  • Regi automatically speak Regimi (common)


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