This page serves to detail all of the publicly known information regarding the human metropolis known as Lune. A diverse, thriving metropolis at the center of it all. Bright colored banners wave in the breeze, exotic foods cook in street stalls, peoples of every culture and race mingle and trade. Money is the game here. A guild merchant’s due is as guaranteed as the tides.


See Culture, Lune for information about language, population, food, government, and longservantude.

East Fork

The East Fork is built mostly on high ground above the tide, but its lower reaches are inhabited by the poor who make due in the mangrove swamps. An impressive stone bridge begins on the East Fork, travels a short way above Cluster, then ends abruptly. Whether it was never completed or destroyed remains a mystery.


Cluster is mostly made up of wooden structures which float above part of the Ritten Reef. Districts are held firmly together by strong ropes and stabilizing anchors. The Dwarven Flotilla moors here, ancient barges still holding aloft the old families.

Lune Island

Most residents live on Lune Island. Its the birthplace of Lune and the center of commerce, politics, and social gatherings. Every race of the Straits can be found here living in tight quarters and mingling in alley shops. The island is a tall sea spire with a wide base, though its southern tip is land built or reclaimed by dwarven and human engineers.

West Fork

West Fork is comprised of a tall thin sea spire, a hillside on the West Fork, and the swamps and tidal pools between. As in the East Fork, those wealthy enough to afford living above the tide do so. The sea spire in the eastern portion of this region is crowned with an old stone keep. The region is connected to Lune Island via an impressive stone bridge roughly the same age as the keep.

Surrounding wilderness

The islands, seas, and lands immediately surrounding Lune.

Guild Houses

The most powerful organizations in Lune who dominate the Assembly and public life.

Organizations and lesser guilds


District Map

See a map of the districts of Lune Island here.


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