West Fork

Steep Rise

The Steep Rise region of the West Fork rests on a tall sea spire. The spire reaches as high as the peak on Lune Island, but its base is much thinner and almost no land has been reclaimed from the Mud Sea.

The Keep

The Keep was built around the same time as the Old Tower. It is the wealthiest district on the West Fork. Its drab, thick stone walls have been converted into apartments and shops. Its dungeons are now bustling with cattle for sale and colleagues now stroll the battlement gardens discussing trade secrets. This district has the most integrated human, dwarf, and drifter populations in the city.

West Banner

West Banner is a circular district that surrounds The Keep. Its buildings are an eclectic mix of new and old architecture. Old stone masonry mix with jungle wood homes and shops. A meticulously groomed university sits across from an overgrown public park. Most West Banner residents have a relatively high standard of living compared to the average person in Lune, but the greatest wealth in the West Fork region is held in The Keep.

Notable sites in West Banner:


The Rushmarsh region of the West Fork is below the Steep Rise to the east and Westerpoint to the west. The land here is uneven and rocky at its height and tide pools and marsh at its trough. Residents in the outer reaches of Rushmarsh are at risk of flooding at high tides so stilts and floating buildings are a necessity.


The Westerpoint region is built on the hillside of the West Fork.

West Fork

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