The Only Thing Constant in Lune is the Changing of the Tides

This campaign follows a number of individuals living/staying in the vast city known as Lune.

Lune is a metropolis centered on a canal passing between two vast seas to the north and south. Reminiscent of Venice, the city is built over vast amounts of water and is a structural marvel for its time. Unlike our world, however, Lune is set on a vast and mystical world. On this world, the difference between high and low tide is generally dozens of feet. Whole marshlands and mangrove fields flood during high tide, which lasts for over a day.

Humans in Lune and other neighboring city states track the days with the tides, as a week lasts 10 days and follows the cycle from low to high tide and back again. To the north, a series of primarily human settlements thrive on the archipelago in the Shallow Sea. To the south, more human civilizations sprang up, but, now, have begun to be unified under one banner.

To the east, beyond the lowland hills, full of feral, nomadic Halflings and barbaric Lizardfolk lies the Saltcliffe Range, a terribly dangerous mountainous range, beyond which are rumors of an endless desert and certain death.

To the west lies the vast, dangerous jungle from which the Wild Elves hail. In the less dense woods, where the water reaches a series of cliffs, Gnomes have built settlements focused on shipbuilding and other acts of artifice.

While this campaign focuses largely on the city of Lune, the world is still in its infancy, with Humans having only settled islands, coastal regions, and the marshes. The vast majority of the world remains unexplored, full of magic, mystery, and danger.

Changing Tides

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