Culture, Levium




Council of Landed Estates and Landholders

Levium is a timocracy – it has a representative government that can only be elected by people with land. The Council is run by 12 Principals who are elected to govern every 5 years.

Clothing and appearance

Crops and food


The more shallow nature of the northern straits means that the Northern Freeports are more likely to dig deep trenches, capturing receding water and creating great tidal pools. Docked ships are stabilized as they float in the artificial pools.


Levium imports most of its ships, though it does produce a marvelous small sailing craft used to glide along thin seas. Their speed and maneuverability are unmatched.

The most common ships in Levium are the galleys built in Lune, Brig, and Sabrae.

Culture, Levium

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