Fauna and flora, Vihnis


Catobelpas, usually called catos, are herbivores surviving on the desert weeds, bushes, and cacti. They are native to the more rocky areas of the continent, shading themselves under the tall spires.

Both Mullan and Stonescale Lizardfolk raise domesticated catos which they use as beasts of burden. The bone plates that rise from their backs grow back over a year, so they are periodically harvested to make iconography and tools. Cato birth rates are too low to justify slaughtering them for their meat, but old or injured cato are sometimes used this way. Their hides are highly prized and used for powerful leather.



Trusted steeds of the Mullan, the jackguar are fickle and fearsome beasts. They are difficult to train, but once domesticated they will stay loyal for life. Rearing jackguars is an honored profession among the Mullan.

Jackguars are large enough to carry a tall man, but riders must lean back into their saddles to prevent their legs from scrapping the ground. They live to be 20, but are only useful as riding beasts for their first 15 years. Old jackguars become honored household pets regarded as wise guardians.


Wild jackguars are ferocious hunters.

Fauna and flora, Vihnis

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