Scouts are heavily trained guerrilla warriors. Where their ranger counterparts are often free-spirited or individualistic, a scout has gone through intense training to develop and master the skills necessary to fight in the wild. Rangers are often considered one with nature, whereas scouts consider themselves masters of the natural world and use their advantages to further their goals and the goals of those they work closely with. Scouts are team-oriented, tactical, and creative.


  • House Inizell – Although the House has fallen far, it still maintains a small academy which trains soldiers for survival and combat in the wilds of Akkatish. Many scouts have left the House and moved to Gantan for employment, but there is still an active academy and the occasional troop that is funded by the House to explore and map the wilds.
  • South Flush Company – One of the seven founding guilds in Gantan, the South Flush Company is a private armed force tasked with protecting the walls of the city, although many believe the guild is truly funded by protecting expeditions into Elven territory.


Book: Complete Adventurer p. 10
Ability Priority: Dex, Wis, Con, Int, Str, Cha
Hit Die: d8
Skill points: 8+Int
Changes: None, yet.


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