A sorcerer is a magical prodigy. Training be damned, sorcerers are innately gifted with the arcane arts. Some believe sorcery is a gift given by the gods; others insist it proves an impure bloodline, tainted by a mystical creature. Whatever the cause, a sorcerer’s magic comes from within, from their force of will and believe in their own ability to shape the arcane forces at work in the world.


  • Magisters – Most sorcerers in Lune end up joining the Magisters, as it is commonly known that the Arcanites do not accept sorcerers into their ranks.
  • Magician’s Temples – Being creatures of innate magical prowess, sorcerers often find a safe haven within the Magician’s temples located throughout the straits. Most Mullun temples to Pekros often open their doors to shelter sorcerers in need, even if they are of a different race. Magic and knowledge are equally respected in the temples to the eternal god’s temple.


Book: Player’s Handbook
Ability Priority: Cha, Dex, Int/Con, Wis/Str
Hit Die: d4
Skill points: 2+Int
Changes: None, yet.


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