Chosen of Lebilis

The Chosen of Lebilis are a monastic order which seeks to document and transcribe the histories of the Shifting Straits, as well as uncover the secrets of Akkatish and Vihnis.

The Chosen are forward-looking as much as they are historians. Monks meditate on the tides, moons, and stars in order to prophesy the coming age.

The monastic order is based in the southern island of Lebil, but sects and missions exist throughout the Straits. The Chosen numbers only a few hundred, but its reach covers most of the Shifting Strait and, some would say, beyond. When the Mulluns arrived in the Strait, the order’s numbers saw a drastic rise, as a wealth of knowledge of the eastern continent was made available to the Chosen.

The Chosen include members of all intelligent races, but is dominated by Regi, Mulluns, and Dwarves. Though its great temple resides in the Comius Dominion, the Chosen of Lebilis share no ties to the political powers of the Dominion.

Chosen of Lebilis

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