A diverse, thriving metropolis at the center of it all. Bright colored banners wave in the breeze, exotic foods cook in street stalls, peoples of every culture and race mingle and trade. Money is the game here. A guild merchant’s due is as guaranteed as the tides.

Culture, Lune

Comius Dominion

Proud conquerors, political schemers, opportunists, and artists. They are the best and worst of civilization held together by common law. Their ships are grand, their clothing impressive. Every man and woman means to make a mark on the world.

Culture, Comius Dominion


Ingenious gnomes working side by side with industrious men. They are a light of civilization in the darkness of the wilds. They are the pinnacle of progress and innovation, motifs which weave their way through every day life.

Culture, Gantan

Northern Freeports

Independent city states which mean to keep it that way. Each city has a distinct culture and political environment, but common strands can be found throughout the Freeports. Genasi and Mullun are more common here, while Dwarves are significantly rarer.

The three most well known Freeports are Brig, Levium, and Sabrae.

Brig is the smallest and poorest of the Freeports. It has suffered a recent disaster and its people are desperately seeking salvation.

Culture, Brig

Levium is the ______________.

Culture, Levium

Sabrae is the ______________.

Culture, Sabrae


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