East Fork


A wealthy residential district between the East Fork and Cluster which is built atop the ruined Old Bridge.


Rafters is a slum below Highbridge. Makeshift lean-tos and shacks are built along the underside of the old stone structure. Ladders and ropes are the only way up or down, though some say there are old, hidden paths through parts of the Old Bridge.

The Gutter

The Gutter is a maze-like serious of tall and wide stone drains. Their original builder is unknown, but their structure matches the impressive stone bridge above. They were likely built to drain the flood waters from the hills in the East Fork. Regardless of their original purpose, they now serve as a makeshift shelter and gathering space for Lune’s destitute during low tide. The area is at best wet and at worst underwater for four to five days per week during higher tides.


Guttertop is a sprawling, ramshackle, stilted complex on top much of the Gutter. Different sections serve different needs: inn, whorehouse, drug den, and town hall, to name a few. Its countless rooms shelter parishioner priests as well as hunting slavers. Parts of the building are constantly being built while others collapse into a rising tide or burn away in accidental fires. Nothing here is defined and its all liable to change. The high tides flood lower floors partially or fully, depending on their strength and the section of the complex. Its more usable than the Gutter for the whole week, though.

No one is quite sure who owns Guttertop, but there is no end to those who lay a claim to it.


Lowbridge is a lower class district built around the base of the Old Bridge and the East Fork hillside. Many residences are built on stilts, since the tide still makes its way here at its peak. However, canals and gutterwork stemming from the Old Bridge usually prevents the Lowbridge area from flooding.

Rustreed Commons

The Rustreed Commons is a sprawling rustreed farming community in the persistent tide pools on the northwestern portion of East Fork. Each farm tends to its own tide pool, which exist as separate pools from low to mid-tide. Farmers use bouys, ropes, and anchors to mark their farmland. While not the wealthiest area, these farms produce enough rustreed to sustain the city’s consumption of rustreed. Produce from the Rustreed Commons is not exported to other city-states.


Laborers and artisans of modest wealth live here. By contrast to Lune Island, Thornhill is a quiet suburb. Thornhill is located along the western-facing hillside of the East Fork which looks out over Highbridge, Lune, and the sea. Its stone homes are tightly packed together, often sharing walls, which create tight alleyways and roads. Most homes have a large western window to catch the sea breeze.

East Fork

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