Hallstatt Communal

The Hallstatt Communal is a gang of ruffians and organized criminals. The organization has gained a reputation of drug running, killing for hire, and fostering lawlessness by people living outside of their community in the Pits. However, to the area’s most desperate inhabitants, they are a means to the next meal.

The Communal got its name from its founder, a drifter who worked the tanneries named Hallstatt. He witnessed peers suffering due to the pitiless mercantile establishment and decided to do something about it. Both through coercion and diplomacy, Hallstatt had Pit residents pool their resources in order to equalize social suffering. No one was allowed to go hungry unless they all did, no one would be homeless unless they all were.

While this plan succeeded in building a sense of community in the Pits unlike anything seen in the rest of Lune, the corruption that has since festered in Hallstatt’s absence means that the average resident suffers more now than before the Communal was conceived.

The Communal is run by the strongest and most powerful member of the group, who can be dethroned by a rival only by way of death.

Hallstatt Communal

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