House Duccotto

House Duccotto is comprised of a powerful group of business owners and landlords who own and operate much of central and lower Lune. Their membership is fluid, removing members who lose their wealth or fall from grace, then quickly recruiting promising new candidates in their place. They represent a mix of Lune’s newest wealthy merchants and oldest landed families.

House Duccotto is especially cognizant of public opinion. They collectively own much of Lune’s residential housing, so it is within their business interest to keep Lune’s common folk complacent. Any massive disruption in rent payments may be impossible to control and would spell disaster for profits.

Unlike House Guinopo, Duccotto does not field a significant guard force. Instead, they rely on purchasing the temporary loyalty of mercenary companies should they ever need to enforce their will. Normally problems are dealt with using bribes or coercion, methods with which the guild seems to be particularly proficient. It’s said that, “Somehow a Duccotto merchant will always have it his way.”

It’s rumored that House Duccotto is involved in criminal elements, spying on and even murdering rivals. Every attempt by a rival guild to prove a connection with Lune’s underworld has fallen short, however. When a rumor seems particularly potent, the member is quickly removed from the Guild in a public display of outrage that seems to always end with public opinion on the side of Duccotto.

Their heraldry is a hawk rising from the waves with fish in its talons.

House Duccotto

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