House Inizell

The remnants of House Inizell are based in a crumbling estate in the North Banner district on Lune Island. Once one of the Great Houses, now, it is a shadow of its former glory. Most of its members have since moved on to more stable and powerful alliances.

House Inizell’s Downfall (an excerpt from History)

Several decades ago, a lumber colony was established on the coast of the Green Morass. This colony was meant to rival Gantan in lumber production. Within a month of the groundbreaking, the colony went silent, and its population vanished, seemingly overnight. House Inizell spared no expense to send expeditions to contact the colony and its inhabitants. All such expeditions returned empty handed – the settlements were empty, without sign of struggle or person, as if no one had lived there in some time.

The leaders of House Inizell spent a vast fortune attempting to uncover what happened to this Lost Colony. All efforts to find the missing colonists have turned up empty. Those rescue explorers that survived the expedition returned to Lune scarred, physically and mentally. Rumors of dark beasts, invisible monsters, and The Eaters only add to the mystery of what truly happened to this colony.

House Inizell has never fully recovered from the financial devastation of the failed colony or its leadership’s overzealous attempts to uncover the truth. Its membership has dwindled away over the last 30 years. The few remaining loyalists are beleaguered old men with an unquenchable desire to find out what happened to the Lost Colony.

House Inizell

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