Sea of Mud

The Sea of Mud is the common name for the region surrounding Lune, including the following:

The Forks

The two lowland peninsula that jut out from the eastern and western continents. They rise and dip below the warm sea depending on the tide. Mangrove trees and jungle creepers cling to the taller rocks while hearty reefs team with life just below the surface in the shallower areas.

Lune Channel

The thin, deep body of water between the Forks which always has sail-able water regardless of the tide. However, the waters here are rarely calm, always either moving north or south depending on the phase of the Great Moon. Sailing through without assistance from pilot ships from Lune is ill advised.

Ritten Reef

A hazard to ship captains ignorant enough to travel too near to the Forks at low tide, the Ritten Reef spans the Forks east to west. Much of the reef survives both out of water and underwater.

  • Tubular anemones which sway gently underwater capture sunlight as flower-like blooms while surfaced.
  • Green, black, and white corals emerge as towers of bright orange, red, and yellow when exposed to the open air and sun.
  • Tall kelp trunks droop like salty willows.
  • Large crustaceans with spindly legs and spiked tails fight over temporary tidal pools.

Mencottle Island

Mencottle Island is a small, desolate island just over a days journey south of Lune (60-70 miles). The island is claimed by Lune, but several southern city states use it for its purpose.

The island is used for exile. People sentenced to live in exile from their home are shipped to Mencottle Island and forced to either fend for themselves or die. Exile is a punishment for members of higher society, as low class criminals are generally executed for serious crimes.

Last year, a number of humans contracted a wasting disease, reminiscent of the rumored cursed disease, mummy rot. This plague, which quickly spread to dwarves and other races, although oddly enough, not to elves, created enough of an uproar that the rulers of Lune reacted by declaring Mencottle Island quarantined and exiling all who showed symptoms of the Waste, as it has become known, there.

Sea of Mud

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