World Overview


The world is largely unexplored and extremely hostile. It is orbited by one large moon which tugs on its seas causing significant tidal changes over the span of the week. The Great Moon is also orbited by two twin moons, and the world is orbited by seven, smaller moons.

The Shifting Straits is the center of the known world. Rolling hills and steep mountains lie to the east, followed by nothing but an endless desert of stone and sand. A massive, untamed jungle and oft-flooded quagmires cover the region west of the Straits. The rocky, sea swept archipelagos between these two dark continents are, by contrast, a womb of civilization.

Civilizations and settlements

The Straits are dominated by four main civilizations: the innovative Gantan on the east coast of Akkatish, the budding Comius Dominion – a young nation in the southern archipelago, the Northern Freeports – a loose coalition of independent city-states, and Lune the mercantile metropolis in the center of it all.

Wilderness and landmarks

The western continent of Akkatish is covered in jungles and marshes. Huge beasts roam beneath dark canopies. Hidden stone ruins of unknown, lost civilizations tempt explorers. And harsh land rarely yields anything but death to those who venture into its grasp.

The majority of Vihnis, the eastern continent, is unknown due to the Saltcliffe Range separating it from the people of the Straits. Beyond the mountains lie deserts of twisting sand and rocky badlands, followed by death.

The Shifting Straits can also be cruel. The Shallow Sea to the north is difficult to navigate, forcing ship captains to race against the pull of the tides. The Sea of Spires to the south is deeper, but the crashing waves and strong current are no less difficult to sail.

Weather and tides

Calendar and celestial spheres

Trade and power

World Overview

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